Graphic Service

Our graphic department is working with all known graphic programms. Our graphicers preparing the artwork of the customer’s according to our print conditions to catch the exact colors and die-cut dimensions. We even reduce some mistakes or changes of the artwork if the customer asks for.

CTP System

Our CTP System allows us to prepare our clichees directly from computer programms. Since we are not using any dia anymore, we are able to catch the smallest effects of the image on the print. With the help of CTP system our print quality is accepted even by the fastidious customers.

Sheeting Technology

Our sheeting machine sheets 4 reels in the same time. We sheet the film into the exact fitting length so there is not any material waste. With this process we are able to lower the costs of raw material for the benefit of our dear Customers.

Offset Line

Our 2013 Model CD102 3×6 colors & Lacquer Offset Print press is fully computer controlled. The machine has all necessary equipments only to print any kind of plastic films. With our print press we are able to print up to 70 x 100 cm sheets. We collect all technical print information in the memory of the machine, so the repeat orders would be the exactly same colors as the first one.

Drying Line

Our offset print press has the longest drying compartment with the minimal powder using unit. Therefore our printed sheets do not need longer curing processes. We are able to handle our sheets in a very short time after printing them.It is a good adventage to prepare labels and deliver them very soon.

Die-Cutting Line

Our die-cut machines die-cut sheets one by one. Therefore all the labels have the exact same dimensions and shape.

Automatic Banding Line

The die-cut labels collect under the contoll of our Quality Controll service, which works according to the ISO norms. We collect labels in bundles, wrap them with plastic bands on our automatic machines and pack labels into seaworth carton boxes. For every different sized label we have different carton box so the labels fits inside properly. All these processes are very carefully documenting so we can trace every step of our production and every label we delivered.